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Forecourt Control

Today's fuelling environment is a low margin, volume based business with an increasing emphasis on technology. Operators need to have complete visibility of their forecourts with total insight essential for the modern petrol station.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root's Retail Solutions are designed to deliver ultimate performance, security and efficiency to the petrol station forecourt. Solutions can connect with dispensers, tank gauges, card payment systems, central ERP and supplier systems. PassPort is completely customisable, providing dynamic retail and wetstock tracking. Incorporating business intelligence tools for analysis of historical data, PassPort’s modular structure and optional software maintenance agreements mean you can buy only what you need today and expand as your business grows. The PassPort systems let you track transactions with unique login IDs as well as manage stock levels and stock orders. The complete PassPort solutionallows simple maintenance and avoids integration issues for optimum system performance.